Taguchi’s method of optimization of fracture toughness parameters of Al-SiCp composite using compact tension specimens





Al-SiCp, Fracture toughness, compact tension specimens, Taguchi method.


The objective of this work is to investigate the process parameters which influence the fracture toughness of aluminum-silicon carbide particulate composite prepared using the stir casting technique. The Taguchi’s design of experiments is conducted to analyze the process parameters. Three parameters considered are composition of material, grain size and a/W ratio. From the Taguchi’s analysis, on compact tension specimens, aluminum 6061 reinforced with 9 wt% of the silicon carbide particles composite and a/W ratio of 0.45 are considered to be optimized parameters. Taguchi's technique result shows that the increment in the a/W ratio causes decrement in the load carrying capacity of the composite. Whereas the fine grain size of silicon carbide have better toughness values. From the ANOVA outcomes it is clear that the composition and a/W ratio of the geometry has more influence on the fracture toughness than the grain size of reinforcement.

Author Biographies

Hareesha Guddhur, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government Engineering College, HuvinaHadagali, India

Hareesha Guddhur completed M.Tech in Machine Design in 2008. Presently working as an assistant professor in Government Engineering College, Huvinahadagali, Karnataka, India. He presently perusing the Ph.D  in the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka, India.

Chikkanna Naganna, Department of Aerospace Propulsion Technology, VTU, VIAT, Muddenahalli, Bangalore, VTU, Belagavi, India

Chikkanna Naganna completed Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. Presently working as a professor in Department of Aerospace Propulsion Technology, VTU, VIAT, Muddenahalli, Chickballapur, Karnataka, India.

Saleemsab Doddamani, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jain Institute of Technology, Davangere, Karnataka, India

Saleemsab Doddamani completed Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering in 2019. Presently working as an assistant professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jain Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India. Area of research is fracture mechanics, composites, material science and wear behavior of hybrid composites.


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