Kink and anti-kink wave solutions for the generalized KdV equation with Fisher-type nonlinearity




The gKdV-Fisher equation, Dispersion-convection-reaction model, Travelling wave solutions.


This paper proposes a new dispersion-convection-reaction model, which is called the gKdV-Fisher equation, to obtain the travelling wave solutions by using the Riccati equation method. The proposed equation is a third-order dispersive partial differential equation combining the purely nonlinear convective term with the purely nonlinear reactive term. The obtained global and blow-up solutions, which might be used in the further numerical and analytical analyses of such models, are illustrated with suitable parameters.

Author Biography

Huseyin Kocak, Pamukkale University

Hüseyin Koçak obtained his PhD degree in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Bath, UK in 2015. He has been appointed as Asst. Prof. of Quantitative Methods at the Pamukkale University since 2016.


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