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Applications</strong><br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">BALEANU, Dumitru</a> </span><br />Cankaya University / Turkey <br /><br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">POVSTENKO, Yuriy</a> </span><br />Jan Dlugosz University / Poland</p> <p><strong>Optimization &amp; Applications </strong><br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">WEBER, Gerhard Wilhelm</a> </span><br />Poznan University of Technology / Poland</p> <p><a target="_blank">KUCUKKOC, Ibrahim</a><br />Balikesir University / Turkey </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> </td> <td> <p><strong> Editorial Board </strong><br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">AGARWAL, Ravi P.</a> </span>- Texas A&amp;M University Kingsville / USA<br /><span style="color: #306754;"> <a target="_blank">AGHABABA, Mohammad P.</a></span> - Urmai University of Tech. / Iran<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">ATANGANA, Abdon</a></span> - University of the Free State / South Africa<br /><span style="color: #306754;"> <a target="_blank">AYAZ, Fatma</a></span> - Gazi University / Turkey<br /><span style="color: #306754;"> <a target="_blank">BAGIROV, Adil</a></span> - University of Ballarat / Australia<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">BATTINI, Daria</a> </span>- Universita degli Studi di Padova / Italy<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">BOHNER, Martin</a></span><span style="color: #306754;"> </span>- Missouri University of Science and Technology / USA<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">CAKICI, Eray</a></span> - IBM / Germany<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">CARVALHO, Maria Adelaide Pinto dos Santos</a></span> - Institute of Miguel Torga / Portugal<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">CHEN, YangQuan</a></span> - University of California Merced / USA <br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">DAGLI, Cihan H.</a> </span>- Missouri University of Science and Technology / USA<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">DAI, Liming</a> </span>- University of Regina / Canada<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">EVIRGEN, Firat</a></span> - Balikesir University / Turkey<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">GURBUZ, Burcu </a></span>- Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz / Germany<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">HRISTOV, Jordan</a> </span>- University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy / Bulgaria<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">ISKENDER, Beyza B.</a> </span>- Balikesir University / Turkey<br /><span style="color: #306754;"> <a target="_blank">JONRINALDI, J.</a> </span>- Universitas Andalas, Padang / Indonesia<br /><span style="color: #306754;"> <a target="_blank">JANARDHANAN, M. N.</a> </span>- University of Leicester / UK <br /><span style="color: #306754;"> <a target="_blank">KARAOGLAN, Aslan Deniz</a></span> - Balikesir University / Turkey<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">KATALINIC, Branko</a> </span>- Vienna University of Technology / Austria<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">MACHADO, J. A. Tenreiro</a> </span>- Polytechnic Institute of Porto / Portugal<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">NANE, Erkan</a> </span>- Auburn University / USA <span style="color: #306754;"><br /></span> <span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">PAKSOY, Turan</a> </span>- Selcuk University / Turkey <br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">SULAIMAN, Shamsuddin</a> </span>- Universiti Putra Malaysia / Malaysia<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">SUTIKNO, Tole</a> </span>- Universitas Ahmad Dahlan / Indonesia<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">TABUCANON, Mario T.</a> </span>- Asian Institute of Technology / Thailand<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">TEO, Kok Lay</a> </span>- Curtin University / Australia<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">TORIJA, Antonio J.</a> </span>- University of Granada / Spain<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">TRUJILLO, Juan J.</a></span> - Universidad de La Laguna / Spain <br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">WANG, Qing</a></span> - Durham University / UK<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">XU, Hong-Kun</a> </span>- National Sun Yat-sen University / Taiwan<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">YAMAN, Gulsen</a> </span>- Balikesir University / Turkey<span style="color: #306754;"><br /></span><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">ZAKRZHEVSKY, Mikhail V.</a> </span>- Riga Technical University / Latvia<br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">ZHANG, David Z.</a> </span>- University of Exeter / UK </p> <p><strong>Technical Editor</strong><br /><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_self">AVCI, Derya</a> </span>- Balikesir University, Turkey</p> <p><strong>English Editors<br /></strong><span style="color: #306754;"><a target="_blank">INAN, Dilek</a> </span>- Izmir Democracy University / Turkey<br /><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">TURGAL, Sertac</a> - National Defence University / Turkey</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Magnetic field diffusion in ferromagnetic materials: fractional calculus approaches 2021-07-15T08:51:08+03:00 Jordan Hristov <p>The paper addresses diffusion approximations of magnetic field penetration of ferromagnetic materials with emphasis on fractional calculus applications and relevant approximate solutions. Examples with applications of time-fractional semi-derivatives and singular kernel models (Caputo time fractional operator) in cases of field independent and field-dependent magnetic diffusivities have been developed: Dirichlet problems and time-dependent boundary condition (power-law ramp). Approximate solutions in all theses case have been developed by applications of the integral-balance method and assumed parabolic profile with unspecified exponents. Tow version of the integral method have been successfully implemented: SDIM (single integration applicable to time-fractional semi-derivative model) and DIM (double-integration model to fractionalized singular memory models). The fading memory approach in the sense of the causality concept and memory kernel effect on the model constructions have been discussed.</p> 2021-08-17T00:00:00+03:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Jordan Hristov